About the Thalamic Glioma Registry

The Thalamic Glioma Registry is a key part of the Children's Brain Tumor Project at Weill Cornell Medicine Neurological Surgery. The registry will:

The Team

The Team

  • Establish a central database of thalamic glioma cases worldwide, aggregating data on medical history, diagnostics, genomics, treatments and outcomes
  • Make available any discovery or any genetic information we uncover about thalamic gliomas through open-source sharing
  • Accept and incorporate data from other researchers into our cloud-based registry, making it available to all partners
  • Consult with other physicians and researchers worldwide about individual cases of thalamic gliomas diagnosed in other hospitals
  • Provide a central place for patients and families confronting the diagnosis to find support and comfort from others
  • Participate in tissue banking so we can collect and share tumor samples to study. (See: The Legacy Donation Program.)

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