Help for Patients, Parents, and Families

Dr. Greenfield and Dr. Souweidane

Parents, friends and family members whose beloved child is diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor are often shocked — not only by the diagnosis but by how alone they feel. Rare cancers don’t have the kind of national support systems one finds with more common cancers, such as breast cancer or lung cancer. Here are some resources and suggestions to help you get started on this journey, and know that you are NOT alone. We in the brain tumor community worldwide are here to help.


We have found that other families can provide the best resources as you navigate this difficult time. The “Parent-to-Parent” program at Weill Cornell can connect you with another family who’s been where you are now. Please call (212) 746-2363 for help.

Getting Educated

If you’d like to start your journey by learning more about pediatric brain tumors, we recommend the following websites:

Clinical Trials

Find out about current Clinical Trials at the Weill Cornell Pediatric Brain and Spine Center, plus advice on how to find more clinical trials nationwide.

Our Stories

You might also find it helpful to read a patient story from a parent's perspective: Fiona Lundell's mom wrote about her experience as a way to help other parents find information (read her story here).


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